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How to Download and Convert Movies into iPod Movies

Watching iPod movies is just one of the many ways you can enjoy your iPod. But hold on. Before you hit the Internet looking for movies to play on your iPod, there is something you should know. You cannot just click and play. First, you'll need some helper software to get the movie into a format your iPod can handle. Although there are some companies that want you to plunk down your credit card for that software, this isn’t necessary. Once you finish reading this article, you’ll know how the secret to downloading and converting movies into iPod movies for FREE!

Step #1 of this free process is to install the latest version of iTunes on your computer. This is easy because there is a free version of iTunes waiting for you on the Apple website. Just click on, read through the system requirements, and begin the download. The iTunes installation program will guide you through the necessary steps.

With iTunes installed on your computer, you’re one step closer to being able to watch iPod movies. The next step involves moving your preferred movie files into the iTunes directory. If you have not downloaded any movies yet, go to your online movie source and begin downloading. When the movie download is complete, there will be a .mov video file on your computer. Just drag and drop this video file into the iTunes video library.

Once the .mov video file is in the video library, a thumbnail image will appear. If several movies are in the library, you’ll see several thumbnails. To select one for viewing, right-click on the desired movie file. From the menu that appears select, Convert selection for iPod.

Congratulations! You are now converting movies into iPod movies. The conversion process will be quick, lasting a few seconds to a few minutes. The amount of time it takes for conversion depends on the size of the video file being converted. The bigger the file size, the longer the conversion process. The converted file will be easy to identify because iTunes creates a new thumbnail for the converted movie file. It, too will reside in the iTunes Video library.

At this point, you’re almost ready to view your iPod movies! The last step is to get iTunes in sync with iPod. Follow the normal procedure for syncing the two. Once you have finished this step, you’re ready to watch iPod movies – for FREE!

Want more tips, techniques and tricks to enjoy more movies in your ipod now? Discover them in my blogs on ipod movies and ipod video now!

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Pocket PC and iPod Technology Gap Closing?

Pocket PC owners, if Microsoft has its way, will hopefully have little to envy of their iPod toting brethren in the near future.

According to a TechNewsWorld article, Microsoft brashly announced plans to develop software to combat iPod and iTunes proliferation with their own software, Zune.

In all likelihood they're planning to horn in on this extremely lucrative section of the Apple technology market.

Looks like poor, cash-strapped Microsoft simply doesn't earn enough coin.

You might recall the Windows Genuine Advantage update (a.k.a Windows XP Anti-Piracy Detector) update that was suddenly sprung on fake Windows XP users last month.

This resulted in a multitude of dialog boxes at the Windows XP login page, imploring illegitimate users to please empty their pockets for a valid Windows operating system.

In the interim, Pocket PC and white MP3 player owners remain blissfully unaware of Microsoft's attempt to reclaim their desktop PC property.

Currently priced at $340 CDN according to the Microsoft product site, bundling it with Service Pack 2 affords small comfort.

Having your operating system coded into your handheld's read only memory suddenly doesn't seem all that bad.

This foray into the music software business seems to be an unusual move for Microsoft.

Creative, already floundering against the Apple handheld device phenomenon despite topping the video iPod for the CNET awards will now have to fight for space against Microsoft as well.

Never mind that Creative partnered with Microsoft to put their software on their Zen Micro and video Zen Vision players.

It's akin to befriending a performing bengal tiger only to have it savagely attack after being bopped on the nose with a microphone.

Creative seems to have its hands full, especially with news of Apple iPod and Creative Zen Micro patent disputes among other worries.

Maybe this will prompt Apple to actually create downloads for upcoming MP3 player and video player incarnations rivalling Pocket PC games. We'll see.

Damian Julien is a Pocket PC gaming authority and long time general gaming hobbyist and reviewer.

He is an IT specialist by trade and has posted numerous articles on Pocket PC emulators, gaming and trends in the industry.

iPod Download - Download iPod Music and Video

Unfortunately there’s more to downloading free Ipod Video games than you might first think. Ipods are a big part of today’s world, so naturally there are about a billion ways to get some free games to put on it, but a lot of them may harm your computer or Ipod or worse. I’ve put together some tips for you so you can keep your Ipod healthy when looking for those free game downloads.

Downloading Free Ipod Video Games Tip 1- Stay on the right side of the law. We’ve all seen the thousands of torrent sites offering everything under the sun as a free download, but did you know how illegal they are? It’s pretty risky because anyone can find your address and things from your online details these days, so if the authorities want to track you down, they will. As well as that, there’s also the moral side to it-many video game companies are struggling financially-by stealing their games you are banging nails into their coffins!

Downloading Free Ipod Video Games Tip 2- Find a reputable site. There are thousands if not millions of sites in the world that will offer free downloads of this and that and anything else that’s popular. Some of them are downright shady, with lots of popups and ads which force you to click them just to clear your screen etc. This is not cool-I don’t trust any site with popups as I think anyone who treats a site visitor like that has no respect for them. Be very careful when searching for possible download sites.

Downloading Free Ipod Video Games Tip 3- Look for a site with a clean appearance that is not chock full of ads. That’s usually a sign of professionalism, and when we are looking to download stuff, we only want to deal with the professionals. Only then can we be sure that our downloads will be top speed and all in working order. There is nothing worse than waiting hours for a slow download only to find that it doesn’t work.

Downloading Free Ipod Video Games Tip 4- Pay for quality. I know this is an article about free games, but sometimes you may have to pay an admin fee or something to make sure you get the best download speeds and quality. There are more and more sites like this springing up, and I’ve found a few very reliable ones that I use all the time, and you can find a list of them at I was doubtful about paying upfront at first, but I’ve downloaded stuff worth much more than I paid, so it’s a win-win situation. If you’re interested in finding out which free sites are the best ones, please check out the links below.

That’s all you need to know about downloading free ipod video games. It can be a tricky world to get into, but once you know the reliable sites the world is your oyster! If this article has been useful why not refer it to a friend using the link on the top right?

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How To Check If Your Ipod Has A Virus

After September 2006 a number of apple iPods had been shipped with a windows virus. Luckily for most mp3 and iPod users only a very small number are actually infected and this virus which only affects windows computers is called the RavMonE.exe virus. So, how do you check or remove this iPod virus?

Firstly if you have your ipod attached to your PC and have the latest anti virus software installed this should automatically detect and clean your pc/iPod of any virus present including the ravmone.exe virus. The iPod nano, shuffle and mac OS are not affected and the latest iPod video are also guaranteed to be virus free.

First steps to check if your pc or ipod is infected is to download a virus scanner (if you do not have one already installed), there are many free virus scanners available and most new PCs already have these automatically installed. In 99% of cases your iPod will be virus free but it is still best to check. Simply attach your ipod to your PC and run the virus scan.

Your anti virus software will then perform the checks and inform you of any viruses that are resident on your pc/iPod. After the removal of any viruses you should use the very latest version of i-tunes to reinstall the software on your iPod. The ravmone.exe virus is attracted to storage devices and you should also scan all storage devices on your PC just to be sure.

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What To Do When Your Ipod Gets Waterlogged

The MacIntosh iPod has become a very important accessory to many music and video lovers around the world. They are so small and so portable that you can take them anywhere you want and everyone in all age groups love them. The iPod can hold 15,000 song downloads, 150 video hours and 25,000 pictures. This makes it convenient to hear all your favorite music anytime and anywhere you want. You can also end up dropping it in many unwanted places due to its small size.

Many iPod users have found themselves in the, not so nice position, of dropping it in or near water. It can be dropped when brushing teeth, washing up or at the pool. It unfortunately gets dropped in puddles and all sorts of strange places. The biggest concern for most people in this situation is if it can be repaired. The answer to that in many cases is yes, unless of course it was extreme damage. All it takes is a couple of easy parts or repairs to your waterlogged iPod.
Of course the first move would be to get the iPod out of the water immediately, and turn it off. You can get shocked so make sure it’s off. Then you would want it to become completely dry. This will take some time and wrapping it up in a towel or something to help it dry. Then put it in a nice moderately warm place or room, even on a window sill would be fine. Then it’s best to wait at least 48 hours or longer is even better, before you try to repair. After the required amount of time try switching it on, if you get the folder or sad face don’t get worried yet, it is recommended that you restore and erase the iPod.

To do this step you will need:

- To go to My Computer, then select desktop.
- Next you will click on iPod.
- Right click and select format.
- Next select FAT 32 and
- Then reboot.

The restore and erase should work for you if the hard drive was damaged. If this does not work, you may be facing a more difficult situation of having to replace some parts or getting professional repair.

There are waterproof products to go along with your iPod, that’s always a wise decision so you won’t need to face this again. Otterbox has many accessories to help keep your iPod dry. They can hook you up with waterproof cases so you can even take your iPod in the shower or other places around the water. People seem to love their products and they seem to work well. RazorReef also has a collection of tools for you, even swim belts and headphones. Now there will be no worries when you are on the beach or anywhere else.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Do You Know The Ipod Clock Radio?

There is little doubt that the iPod clock radio is one of the many features that has propelled the Apple MP3 player line to the amazing success it has had. It seems that Apple has thought of almost any accessory or add-on that the consumer could want, and all of them offer the typical high quality sound equipment that Apple iPod lovers have come to expect. The iPod clock radio is no exception to the rule. With its stylish design and lightweight durability this is a clock radio really worth having.

Selling at right around $100.00 US, the sleek design of the iPod clock radio makes it ideal for any type of home d├ęcor. It comes in two colors, white and black, with the front of the system designed for speaker space and an easy to read backlit display that gives the time with a backlight adjustment that can go from very dim to very bright. This is a great function for those that have difficulty sleeping with any type of light in the room, as well as for those that want to be able to clearly see the time at a quick glance.

The iPod clock radio has a dock for the iPod located directly behind the button controls for the AM/FM radio that are on the center top of the radio unit. Since the radio doubles as a docking station, the iPod batteries will be completely charged in the morning, even if you wish to program it to play softly all night. The adjustable sleep and wake up features allow you to choose the volume and length of time that the sleep unit will function before automatically shutting off. There is also a gradual wake feature that allows you to wake up to your favorite tunes. The radio also can serve as the wake up sound, or there is an optional buzzer or alarm that can be used as well. The volumes, when using the wake or sleep function, will gradually increase or decrease, allowing for a very natural wake up or sleep option.

In addition the iPod clock radio has a remote control that allows you to adjust the volume or any other features on the clock simply and without having to move. As with any other iPod accessory there are high quality stereo speakers built into the radio to give the same clear, high quality sound you would get if you were listening directly to your iPod. The iPod clock radio is one of the most popular of the larger iPod accessories and makes a great gift for yourself or your favorite music lover.

New Ipod Design For Ipod Lovers

Apple recently updated its popular iPod music players making them thinner and adding great new features that make it worth considering an upgrade for old iPod users.

There are three iPod models -- 10, 15 and 30GB. The 15 and 30GB iPods $299 and include software for use with Windows or Macintosh systems.
The new iPods are about half as thick as the older ones, and there is a dock for the 15GB and 30GB models. Instead of connecting via a Firewire cable to charge the battery or download music, the new iPod slides easily into its rectangular dock, which is connected to a power source or to the computer.

The new controls are backlit and touch sensitive, which means there's no longer a spinning wheel that collects dirt. There's also a great new feature called the On-The-Go playlist. Previously, if you wanted to listen to a particular group of songs on the iPod, you had to make a playlist in the MusicMatch for Windows or iTunes for Macintosh software provided with the device. With the new On-The-Go feature, you can click on a song in the iPod and add it to the playlist without having to hook the iPod to a computer. The playlist is cleared when the iPod is connected to the computer.

The new iPod includes an alarm clock function, and new external sound means the alarm sounds even if the iPod isn't hooked to a stereo or headphones.

There are a lot of extras on the iPod. The equalizer is back with more presets to bring out details of your music. A calendar is available, and the notes feature lets you drag text notes and messages to the iPod when it's used by the computer as a hard drive. Contacts can also be added to the iPod using vcard-formatted contact information. There are new games to play, including solitaire.

The new iPod comes with features found on old iPods, such as earbud headphones that offer great sound and a sliding button on top that locks the controls. This keeps the iPod from accidentally being turned on.

As for the battery, the built-in device charges quickly and drains slowly. On average, I got about 6-7 hours of use out of the device on a single charge.

To complement the iPod, Apple has introduced the Music Store. The store offers songs for 99 cents each and some albums from several music genres. The only downside to the Music Store is its limited audience. For now, it's only available to Macintosh users with iTunes 4.

While there's room for slight improvement, the new design is impressive overall. The backlit control is great to have, even the On-The-Go playlist. The device offers great sound, whether through headphones or a full stereo system. The Music Store complements the iPods nicely, though it would be nice if Windows users could take advantage of the online song database. But at least Windows users have iPods.